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Re: alizarin crimson and lightfastness

Check to see if the tube has a different paint no. because they started making alizarin crimson substitutes when they found out it was not very lightfast, though the substitutes were not exactly like it.

If it is the same no. I personally wouldn't use it. I used to watercolor years ago and it doesn't take long to fade.

There is really not a perfect substitute for alizarin crimson but there are some wonderful reds that work well, like PR 178 and PR 179, perylene red and perylene maroon. Very bloody colors, deep and rich.

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I read on the Handprint website that alizarin crimson PR 83 has a very low lightfastness rating, but the label on my tube of Sennelier Aquarelle brand gives it an ASTM rating of 1. What gives?

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