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Re: Lightsource for Gum

Hi Bjorn,

First of all see:




I use a self made UV box similar to the one pictured in the 1st article.

One exception; my tubes aren't positioned that much close to each other
(they're about 2cm apart). Height was adjusted so that the tubes' bottom
remains around 7.5cm above the contact printing frame. No light banding /
unevenness with my setup.

Oops, another exception is that I used special electronic ballasts so
minimize flickering and maximize output.

You know which tubes I use: Philips '05 series, 60cm. 8 tubes placed 6.5cm
apart (center to center) and 10cm above the printing frame glass (for
extra safety) will evenly illuminate a 50x60cm printing area.


11 Ağustos 2008, Pazartesi, 7:39 pm tarihinde, Bjørn Frostad yazmış:
> Hi everyone!
> Thanks for all of your answers on this topic, and sorry for bringing it up
> once again....
> ...But just so I get it right from the begining:
> -    Wich tubes avalible on the market today will give the the best
> results? - And is there any tubes that won't?
> -    How many tubes will I need?
> -    How far away from the print should the tubes be?
> Thanks again
> Bjørn