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Re: help identifying camera/film

Hi Dane,
Unfortunately I don't have the old camera anymore...just about 1400 negatives and finally I came across old images of it in the glass slides I have so I scanned 3 of them in hopes someone would know on this list.  But it would be interesting to identify the camera, the film, and see if both existed for cheap on ebay :)  The camera took great images!
PS Bob that is possible it is a Zeiss.  My mom was in Europe for finishing school for a couple years.  That's what they did in those days I guess...got "finished".
Christina Z. Anderson
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I don't have anything additional to add as to the type of camera that you have, but if you become daft, clean the camera and lens, and want to try using it, here is a resource for the old sizes of film.
Dane Johnson

"Christina Z. Anderson" <zphoto@montana.net> wrote:
Dear all,

NOT alt related per se but what the heck, unless film is "alt" now:

This probably serves no purpose but to satisfy my curiosity. I have been
going through these old family pix and have come across the camera that took
a bunch of BW negs I have from my family of origin. Here are 3 shots of
what is the camera. Does anyone know what camera this is and what the
"number" of film it took was? It is definitely roll film.

I put it on a page on my website called "Miscellaneous", where I can post a
pic or two every now and then for discussion purposes, so the page is poorly
done but oh well...


Christina Z. Anderson