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Speaking of reds:
Yesterday there was a "muscle car" show downtown Bozeman where they closed the streets off down Main and had a show of all these cars from the 20's on, but mostly the 50's-70's. I was enamored by the paint jobs (not by the cars necessarily) and there were a few cars painted in that Ferrari red PR 254 which I talked about a while back as the reason they were able to disprove the authenticity of these supposed Jackson Pollock drip paintings. In some PR254 existed and it wasn't made until after Pollock died. So I took it upon myself to share what I thought was a really exciting story about the Pollock paintings/PR 254 pigment with one car owner, and he just stared at me blankly and looked away. I guess it didn't float his boat.

BUT there were a number of cars painted these LUSCIOUS bordeaux colors--from an orange bordeaux to a red bordeaux, and the red cars--Ferrari red, candy apple red, orange red, blue red, etc. etc. made me realize how different pigments can be.

PR 175 Benzimidazolone is a bit brickier red than PR179 which is bluer and deeper, a truer blood red with a bit more hemoglobin in it; PR178 Perylene Red is close to what I might call a true red and very gorgeous, bright and lively. If I were to choose a red, not a maroon, that is pretty darn good. But all three of these are really beautiful and useful gum colors. Ferrari red is, too, but it definitely calls attention to itself and is kind of unlike any other red--lipsticky, pinkish orangeish red if that is a possibility.

Christina Z. Anderson
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The local art store (the only one) informs me that Perylene Maroon is no longer stocked by Daniel Smith.
Can anyone suggest a close second?

Thanks! Rajul

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