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I occasionally use Daler Rowney Warm Orange (PO73) for gum over pt/pd. It's
transparent and a nice color when used in small doses. You know, like hair
dye. :-)

Nice cover shot, BTW!


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Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 14:12:10 -0600
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LOL yes it is copper red...but it seems to me hair color
back in "the day" used the term "penny" red.  

The story is that I used one of those rinses while on
vacation in Antigua that was just a joke and supposed to
wash out with a couple shampoos?  Well, it didn't.

Everyone at grad school accused me of going a bit too far to
wear the Clemson color of tiger orange.

Are tigers really...orange?

To keep it on alt, I rarely use orange in a gum print, but
cadmium orange is pretty neat albeit opaque.

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