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Re: Paper for cyanotype Was:

I started out using watercolor paper, as I had a lot of it on hand, various manufacturers. It certainly works fine and is great for beginners. At first I also went through a lot of 5 x 7 blank watercolor cards from Strathmore (I think). They're small, so you can try experiment quickly and easily with effects and toning-- and then use them as cards or sell them inexpensively and still pay for the materials.

Lately I've been using  Bergger 100% cotton, non-sensitized paper, recommended by someone at Keeble & Shucat, our local real camera store. At first I was disappointed, as my prints were light, and the blue tended to wash out a bit. But I realized that it is just less absorbant than watercolor paper and needs double-coating. Now I'm very happy with it... I get more detail than with watercolor paper, crisper images. Once dry, the paper has more presence and dries almost flat. (I press barely moist prints between two slabs of granite from an old kitchen remodel and then they are really flat.) Also, the 11 x 14" size is good for my prints. 


On Aug 22, 2008, at 7:38 AM, scienceman200@comcast.net wrote:

        I am just starting in cyanotypes and i was wondering what paper is the best to buy(for a beginner)