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signing and framing and editions

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  • Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 01:06:06 +0000
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Signing and framing: Do you sign your prints directly on the paper below the image, like you would with an etching or silkscreen? With gum prints, this would be below the brush stroke edges of the print. What if you want the matting to cover the brushed edges? Is there some "rule" about that? I used to do framing, and you would never cover the area surrounding an etching, for example.

Editions: I don't see myself ever doing editions of my gum prints...I like the fact that they come out a bit differently. But does it make them less valuable if you can print from the same negative indefinitely? (not that I'd do that either, but the possibility exists) Does the pricing of alt photos compare roughly to the pricing of limited edition prints of other printmaking processes? Obviously this varies, but it seems to me this is a reasonable comparison.

I have some experience (from a long time ago in art school) with limited edition prints and how they are signed and numbered, but I really don't know how fine art photography works in this sense.