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Re: Autochrome

Mustafa the note Bob Hudyma sent you does have good information.
To find the information you want is very difficult . If we had the formulae and information
I think we'd be seeing the autochromes being manufactured. The equipment to press the starch
and make the image is rare and the closest product we know is the Fresson print made by the
Fresson family in France.
Someone on this list also sent the information on the History of Photography journal article, which
is quite in depth with even color photographs of the machinery.

Jack F

Dear List ,

I need to learn the formulas and preparation technologies of dyes used at autochrome process at French factories at early 20th century.
And How can I dye the starch ?
And I need real formulas of bw emulsion on glass at French factory. Is it possible to find same crystal of silver compounds today ?

Mustafa Umut Sarac


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