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Re: Building 15x15 camera

A "sliding box" camera is one of the simplest camera designs.  It does not 
provide for any camera movements except for focus.  If you have never built a 
camera before this would be a good starting point.  It would be the simplest 
thiing to build

An example is here:

For much more information on camera building see


and the yahoo camera makers list:


On Wednesday 03 September 2008 10:04:38 am Zev Schmitz wrote:
> Hello all
> I just got an old Nikon barrel lens that throws an 18" circle and am
> hoping to build a 15x15" camera using it. I have an idea of how to
> build the film holder for it but am unsure of the best approach for
> the actual body and bellows (which I have no money to buy and will
> have to shimmy together). Does anyone have any suggestions on the
> basic design and or any online plans for such a camera? I'm hoping to
> get it built in the next two weeks as I'm enrolled in a semester of
> palladium printing... (exciting!)
> Thanks!
> -Zev

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