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RE: Building 15x15 camera

I sent the e-mail below already but didn't see it posted.  Please let me
know if it has reached the list.

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	When you say that the lens "...throws an 18" circle..." am I correct
that you are referring to the diameter of the circle?  If so, please
remember that your 15"X15" camera will have a film diagonal length of more
than 21" so that you will have vignetting of the corners of the film.  If
that is accepable to you, then good.  If not, you will either have to design
a smaller format camera or get a lens that throws a larger diameter circle.
	You might be able to get away with this lens stopped down because,
with most lens designs, the image circle gets bigger as you stop down the

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From: Zev Schmitz [mailto:zeesme@gmail.com] 
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Subject: Building 15x15 camera

Hello all

I just got an old Nikon barrel lens that throws an 18" circle and am  
hoping to build a 15x15" camera using it. I have an idea of how to  
build the film holder for it but am unsure of the best approach for  
the actual body and bellows (which I have no money to buy and will  
have to shimmy together). Does anyone have any suggestions on the  
basic design and or any online plans for such a camera? I'm hoping to  
get it built in the next two weeks as I'm enrolled in a semester of  
palladium printing... (exciting!)



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