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Re: gum preservatves

Thank you!

Now that you say that, I remember the section about it in the "Learn" part
of your former website. (Adding lemon juice and staining... I'm not making
it up right?)

Judy's note on sizes was interesting and real food for thought, BTW.

Ryuji's notes also were interesting -> I mean the probability of citric
acid (or any other organic acids) interacting with dichromate in an
unwanted manner. That powered my original position which was increasing
the acidity by not adding alien compounds... (Still don't know if that can
work or not -> I may do some tests in the future if the exposure times
become unbearable to me and/or I can't do nice casein prints...)


5 Eylül 2008, Cuma, 1:12 am tarihinde, zphoto@montana.net yazmış:
> ...
> Have at it, Loris.  I found that the more lemon juice drops
> I added to the mix (with drops of water added to the control
> group in the same proportion) that I got lots of staining of
> the highlights and lower contrast, but with paper negs this
> might be helpful to you--I mean, the lower contrast part.
> Step wedge steps were not too differentiated.
> Chris
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>>David & Chris, that also arrived to my mind just after had
>>sent my last message... Even if I refrain to introduce
>>another alien compound into consideration - as a first
>>impression -, it sounds interesting / promising. You can
>>bet I will try this (with citric acid)as soon as possible!
>>Of course there's also the staining issue... I'll see.
>>Chris, do you know how much lemon juice was Demachy adding
>>to his gum?