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I have a great balsamic vinegar you could try!

Best Wishes,

Mark Nelson
On Sep 7, 2008, at 12:13:20 PM, "Marek Matusz" <marekmatusz@hotmail.com> wrote:
A good starting point for the acid would be to use houshold vinegar (or 5% acetic acid). Use cheap white vinegar, none of the flavored stuff, leave that for salads. You can mix your own from glacial acetic acid (which is 100% acid). Sulfuric acid is good too as it does not reduce dichromate. You cam mix a small amount of say 5 or 10% sulfuric acid and use it for your experiments. Do not use hydrochloric as it can react with dichromate to make chlorine gas. With drop like quantities that would not be as issue, but it is not safe to mix hydrochloric acid with dichromates (just file that info for future).
Mixing some citric acid  at 5 to 10% would be good too for your experiments. 
WHile you are at it take a pill of vitamic C, crush it in 10 or 20 grams of water and use that solution as control. Happy experimanting. 
I need to do some gelatine hardening experiments on my own.


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