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RE: question on sizing

A simple solution might be to change paper. Try Fabriano Artistico traditional or extra white. Very few people report any problems with that paper.
Arches seems to be going thorough a constant change and I remember seeing these translucent spots just by wetting the paper. One solution is to brush or roll the gum sensitizer longer then you thing is needed. At some point the water evaporates and the gum solution becomes very sticky eventually covering the spots. Good thing is you can wash the gum layer and start over again.

Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 12:59:09 +0200
From: dirkjan.treffers@gmail.com
Subject: question on sizing
To: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca

dear list members,

I'm a novice at all these processes, so maybe you've encountered this problem a thousand times allready, but maybe you guys (and gals) can help me out:

for tri-colour gum printing, I size my paper. Although I don't think my paper (Arches Aquarelle, 300 g/m, i use both cold and hot pressed) doesn't really need sizing, I last found this paper from bamboo that I like, that actually does need it.

I size with a 3% gelatin solution, with glyoxal as my hardening agent. After drying (single coat of gelatine-size), I notice that my gym/pigment/dichromate solution doesn't really stick on some small parts of the paper. When I use non-hardened paper, I need more of the gum-dichromate solution to coat my paper (but I don't actually mind this.....). On the hardened paper, I need less volume of gum-chrom. solution. But in general, it works fine, but there are (often) small parts, where the paper looke tike it 'rejects' the solution. Don't really know how explain this, but it looks a bit like the paper on that particular spot, doesn;t absorb water-like soltions).

Does any one have any ideas on this? How to size in a way that these spot son't occur any more? Or is sizing on Arches Aquarelle perhaps not even necessary (an idea that I would really like, since this sizing stuff is really boring....)?

Would love to hear your ideas on this issue!

kind reagrd,


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