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Re: Resinotipia-Namias (fwd) (#2)

I made an extended research ...
... from 1922 and about
It has to be corrected in "from 1922 to about 1930-35"
I have to add that Namias' invention regards the powder only, but one has to be aware of the paper, this one sold by him like the powders. Accordingly to the instructions, the paper has to be swollen in water "at a temperature where it is difficult to keep your hand into". This should be about 50C, hence the gelatine layer must be hardened in a way that it is still able to became "sticky" in the unexposed areas: if it were completely hardened it won't swell enough. Probabily it was like a bromoil paper without the silver salts.
With due cautions, however, one can use a plain (unhardened) gelatine paper, like for oilprints.
I would bet there are places that would do a free analysis for you.
If I remember correctly, the Getty Conservation Institute would be a good place to check.
I think it was a person from the Getty's Conservation Institute that presented at APIS on analysis of vintage photographs.
They have a database of results that might help pinpoint the resinotype powder.
Thank you, Mark, I'll check.