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Re: question on sizing

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  • From: Dirk-Jan Treffers <dirkjan.treffers@gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2008 21:58:50 +0200
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Thanx a lot everybody!

these are very usefull tips.... My first prints in tri-colour gum (or one actually in four colours, because I thought it needed a bit more blue), They turned out to be (now that I read my notes on the back) awesome (at least, thats my opinion ;-) )
I was quite surprised that te ones that looked better than the other ones, were made on gelatin sized bamboo paper (Hahnemühle 125lbs). And that paper did not have the fish-eye problem. So maybe this will result in a different paper choice, which eliminates the problem at once, makes me see the results of the advantages of sizing (and with your help, this proces will become even better to me than it was ;-)  )....
There's only one problem: now I'm really hooked... And I leave for work at 7 in the morning, returning at 7 in the evening... 5 days a week... I guess my evenings will last long, I'll get sleep deprived, and do nothing else in weekends than gum prints..... But hopefully end up with gorgeous prints from my holidays in south america. Now I only did the 'regular' photo's. Can't wait to go back to my original pinhole pictures. And work on colour separations for those negatives. OMG... I'm getting really excited now....

Stupid course I took in gum printing with digi-neg's... I already spend hundreds of euro's on expensive OHP material, the best watercolours I could find... Huge chunks of all kinds of chemicals (which, for a private person are not THAT easy to get in Holland....Lucky I've study chemistry, so I can find my way around on the web). Even started making my owm gum (yes, Kees... I bough the gum bricks. And used cheesecloth....) I've made a total mess out of my appartment.... My bathroom even looks worse.... And I've never had a bigger grin on my face :-)

So I don't know wheter to thank or curse you guys (for the non-funny people: this OBVIOUSLY is mend as a joke).....

Thanx every-one, thanx to the course and advice from you guys, my prints keep getting better..... Up to the point that my mom is saying: Wow...these are REAlly beautifull... And I'm not just saying that beause I'm your mom :-) *grin*


2008/9/8 Laura Valentino <laura@this.is>
Hi DJ,
Another tip about sizing that I got from this list a while back is to apply it while the paper is still a bit damp (it is recommended to soak the paper first, to shrink it before sizing). I used to have a problem with the gum sticking to the sized paper, but this helped me to get a nice even coating of the sizing.

This fish-eye problem sounds like a different thing though.

Best Regards,