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Re: problems with Epson print driver and Leopard/Photoshop CS3compatibility

carmen, I had the same problem with my computer and finally called epson. they had me install and reinstall the new driver about 4 times (along with a few minor other things). I was on the phone with them for about an hour.....i got their number off the website. I was trying to use the 7800 too and was very frustrated. everything from the old operating system just disappared. call them up then go have a beer.
Peg Fredi, MFA
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Dear List: I can't get my printer software to work, this are the details of my problem: I'm currently on Mac OS 10.5.4 Leopard and using the Adobe CS3 suite.
> When going to print I no longer have the
> capability of choosing my profiles, presets or printer settings as before. Example: I can't choose media or paper type, print quality, advanced color settings, microweave etc . Anyone know how to get these back. i updated all of my drivers, un-install and re-installed everything. I think the problem is with Leopard because everything worked on tiger. I am using an Epson 7800 pro
> printer and an Epson photo 280.
> When I hit 'print' it goes to the proper screens color management screen but when I hit print again I don't get the The Epson Driver with the Print dialog. instead i
> get a small box tthat says: "printer" and "presets".
> thank you kindly,
> Carmen.