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Re: problems with Epson print driver and Leopard/Photoshop CS3compatibility


I had the same problem with the same printer, OS update and CS3.

There is a _big_ download to update the Epson printer drivers for the 7800. I ended up downloading it all from the Epson UK site (I'm in Australia - but it was the only site that worked for me - after many attempts fromaround the world). My suggestion is to check to see if you really do have the right files downloaded - because it is maybe a couple of hours of download (and no, I am not on dialup ;-)) if I remember correctly.

After finally successsfully downloading the drivers, and installing, everything immediately worked just fine. (I truly didn't expect it to such is my faith in technology, but still we persist...).

Road blocks like this are the reason I always put off updating everything - that is until I can't actually get work done.
But it will work Carmen - hang in there. And good luck


Carmen Lizardo wrote:
Dear List: I can't get my printer software to work, this are the details of my problem: I'm currently on Mac OS 10.5.4 Leopard and using the Adobe CS3 suite. When going to print I no longer have the
capability of choosing my profiles, presets or printer settings as
before. Example: I can't choose media or paper type, print quality, advanced color settings, microweave etc . Anyone know how to get these back. i updated all of my drivers, un-install and re-installed everything. I think the problem is with Leopard because everything worked on tiger. I am using an Epson 7800 pro printer and an Epson photo 280.
When I hit
'print' it goes to the proper screens color management screen but when I hit print again I don't get the The Epson Driver with the Print dialog. instead i get a small box tthat says: "printer" and "presets". thank you kindly, Carmen.