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RE: Was Re: question on sizing, now fish eyes


I was referring to adding Everclear to the gelatin. Frankly, I wasn't
following the thread very closely, but saw Keith's post about adding
defoamer to the gelatin.

I've never really had problems with fisheyes. I would agree with Keith that
sizing inconsistency is more likely to cause problems than the gum mix.

That said, I often add a squirt of Everclear into 20 ml of
gum/pigment/dichromate mix. It seems this may help smooth the coating a
bit, but I never really have problems getting smooth coats with the foam
rollers I use to apply the gum.


Original Message:
From: Christina Z. Anderson zphoto@montana.net
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2008 07:24:08 -0600
To: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca
Subject: Was Re: question on sizing, now fish eyes

Hi Kerik (and Keith),
Your email made me realize that I might have misinterpreted DJ's original 
post and Keith's below, so a need to clarify:

I'm talking fisheyes in a gum/pigment mix, not the gelatin sizing.  I think 
that DJ was having fisheyes in his gum coating on top of a gelatin size 
hardened with glyoxal.  But you and Keith are talking additions to sizing 
(or are you, Kerik?) to make it smoother, less bubbly, etc.? I do use your 
method of Everclear in my gelatin, about 20ml per liter, Kerik. So I guess 
my question is are you two adding these things to the gelatin sizing only
the gum coating as well?

The reason I ask is this: as is always the case with gum, troubleshooting 
explanations will contradict.  I have a host of reasons for fisheyes. 
Insufficient gum in relation to pigment, coating mix too "limpid" or as we 
say thin, yet another says to increase the sensitizer in the mix because it 
is too much sizing for amount of gum used, air bells, medium in some 
watercolors, and those "globules" that are visible under the microscope one 
author says.  If Everclear or Defoamer helps with fisheyes that might say 
something different even than this.

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