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Here, in my home town, 4.15% right now for a 7 month . . . and safe.
But, Mike, I know what you mean. I do know that our banks, locally,
are substantial and not caught up with "the mortgage scandals", which remind
me of the Savings & Loan scandals of the 80's & 90's. They were another
de-regulated piece of work foisted upon the public and paid for by us to create
multi-scrillionaires. One of AZ (where guess who is from) was Hurwitz who
took over our local perfectly fine and good redwood lumber mill and all but
ruined the forests and lives. It's greed . . . but, gosh folks, I didn't mean to go
off the deep end but, whew, I am livid these days.
Jack F

On Sep 14, 2008, at 5:01 PM, Mike Kirwan wrote:

"I would wait a bit, take the extra money, put it in a nice 4-5% CD"

Not too many of our financial institutions offering this type of return on a
CD. Be aware of any bank offering more than 3.5% as they might not be around
much longer.

I had this issue with CD's at Indy Mac and looks like WAMU as well. With
Indy Mac I got my money back but zero interest - grhh