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offlist: Re: Ugh.. terrible, let me try this again. Stuff for sale inOakland, CA.

Damn, I was in Berkeley about a week back - but now I'm back in Anchorage, Alaska. Oh well. I forwarded your message to photographer friend - maybe you'll hear from her. I don't have a 4x5 field camera, just an 8x10. As I grow older I toy with the idea of switching to 4x5. How much are you hoping to get for the Canham 4x5? I might be able to arrange for local pick-up. I hope your move goes well - and that you are moving to better digs.

Best -greg schmtiz

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Adam Kimball wrote:
You’d think for a person who has literally spent YEARS on this list that I would have it together. In fact, moving takes any togetherness and gets rid of it thoroughly.


I have LOADS of alt-process stuff to sell (and give to those who buy) – big stuff like Jobo’s and printwashers, and small things like 500g containers of pyro. These will all be sold locally – NO SHIPPING.

Finally, I do have camera gear to sell. I have a KB Canham wood-field 4x5 with plenty of incredibly nice film-holders (all bought new and stored perfectly) in both 4x5 and 5x7 sizes. I also have loupes, filters, tripods (wood and metal). If it is shippable and worth doing (i.e. more than $200) then please let me know of your interest.


I am in Oakland, CA. More precisely, just outside the dividing line between Berkeley and Oakland.

Again, my apologies, I’m just getting personal emails that prove I didn’t make my point very well.