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FWIW I mention my ancient scanner... I don't know if UMax is still in business (I don't hear it mentioned) but this monster is so versatile and has lasted so long (in digital years, which seem programmed to conk out about year 3 if not sooner, I fear that praise within earshot of the thing is an invitation to doom)...

But, as I was saying, the UMax Powerlook 2100XL cost as much as, let's say, a shiny red motorcycle (tho I got it in exchange for an earlier model that was disaster -- & it's as good as that was bad), but it's much more versatile than a motorcycle.

It came with a frame that would take an entire roll of a smaller format (3 & 1/4 or like that, tho not 35 mm) and the bed itself will take up to something like 15x19 inches, opaque or transparency, so, though it takes a lot of tabletop space, it's worth it.