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Re: Ruined 3rd tricolor gum print! Grrrr...

Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
Thus you could thin out the final layer and brush it on very carefully. I might thin it with, let's say, 2 di: 1 gum/color. This will make the layer faster because of the increased dichromate and thinner layer but that may help you even more.
Really? You thin out by adding more dichromate? Why not just water?

Interesting...just before this thread started, I had done a too thick thalo layer which flaked...but I thought the flaking was because I had mixed a new batch of gum which was a bit thick, so I'm considering thinning it with water to see if that helps.

In that case, the thalo was the second layer, but when I've been doing tricolors I put the thalo layer first. My reason for doing so is because 1. I read somewhere that that's how tricolor is done (I figured there must be some reason, although I didn't know what) and 2. I register by eyeball and if I use a light color for the first layer I can't see the registration marks.