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Re: tri-color gum at last , nr 2

OK let me clarify: the print, below, is an oil print? OHHH not bromoil, you mean like a GUMoil? Wow is that a nice pictorial image. Her hair is so beautiful to photograph, and again your composition is really intriguing. Reminds me of Vermeer or Ghiberti.

As a segue, one of the great things about diginegs for me is that they are great for bromoil. I coldn't tell the difference between a bromoil print from a digineg and one from a reg neg because the dots of ink mask any kind of dots of the inkjet printer that might be visible with a loupe. When I was assisting David Lewis a summer ago, I was calibrating diginegs while everyone else was doing regular enlargement prints, and in the span of time they printed a couple negs I was able to print easily 10-20 separate images for bromoiling because I got my curve, color neg, and exposure time down and so it was just a matter of switching out the negative in the contact print for each separate print. And (for those who have Photoshop and understand what I am talking about) all I do is create an Action in Photoshop that does all the steps for me in one press of a button.

Back to my blurbbook.

Henk says:

On the other hand, having the negative for a monochrome gum print , i started oil-printing (i did a lot of bromoil, so the inking wasn't a big problem); see below:
but i must admit that this one is a lucky one; normally i have a lot of streaks of the gelatine coating (3 times a 10% gel. coating with 40x50 cm it isn't so easy working with trays).
This one was done with gelatine-tray-coating, 30x40 cm, the result is more smooth.