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Re: tri-color gum at last

Henk, beatiful gums (and grandchildren) and awesome oilprints! Congrats.

The oilprints you made are incredible -> very smooth, truly excellent
technique. I personally would prefer something a little bit more different
than - lets say - silver prints. Not excessively grainy but definitely
something more gritty (which also shows some signs of manipulations +
being handcrafted) ;) Someone could confuse them with ordinary s/g or
inkjet prints (when viewed on the screen).


24 Eylül 2008, Çarşamba, 2:34 pm tarihinde, henk thijs yazmış:
> ... after a lot of rubbish in the end a more or less succesful image:
> http://www.thijs-foto.com/TYS/aThij/EDELBROM1/PICT/cas1.jpg