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I am mentioning this book here because tho it is not on alt, it is an EXCELLENT book on nighttime photography and makes me want to go out and do it in gums. Thought the list should know about it and I have absolutely no relation to anyone in it or who wrote it and no monetary benefit except I got the book for free to review for SPE: Night and Low-Light Photography By Jill Waterman Watson Guptill, 2008 196pp About $30 Good points: very dense text with therefore TONS of information 30 experts in the field have added to the book It is a book for everyone--beginning photographer as well as the pro, the analog as well as the digital. 10 chapters in which Waterman has allowed her 30 photographers to expand upon their particular area of expertise. Much better than any of those cheesy how-to books you find at Barnes and Noble, etc. __________________ Christina Z. Anderson http://christinaZanderson.com/ __________________