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Re: Alt photo stuff for sale -- Bay Area, CA

Adam . . .my computer has been out for a week . . di dyou get hold of Molly etc.?

On Sep 22, 2008, at 3:28 PM, Adam Kimball wrote:

Hi all,

I'll be moving in about a month and I REALLY need to get rid of a lot of equipment. I have loads of things to sell, among them:

11x14 Edwards Engineering UV light (never used, but lacquered, which took forever)
Jobo CPP-2 with Lift.. this is the Jobo that has temp control both for heating AND cooling
Jobo drums (for 5x7 and 4x5 - big cylinder drums)
Jobo accessories
Print washer, can't remember the name of it - 11x14
Tons of trays in all sizes
Tons of chemicals (from Pyro to different dichromates, gum, BOXES - the metals are probably bad, but they will be cheap or free)

Other interests have taken over for now and I find myself doing straight inkjet prints. I don't have a suitable darkroom now or at the next place, so thats why the firesale.

If you are interested in anything in particular, email me at adam @t akimball d.o.t. com (a little spam prevention).

Thanks and hope you are all well.