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Re: off topic--advice on pc graphics card

Though I'm not qualified to give specific card recommendations, I can tell you that, with CS4, Photoshop hands off some of the graphics processing to the video card. In fact, when running the beta version on my Macs, only the newest intel computer would dance to some of CS4's new tricks like "flick panning" and "animated zoom" among others. The names make them sound superficial but once you use them, it's hard to go back. My "old" (5 years) G5 and G4 Powerbook couldn't do the fun stuff. Of course, a card upgrade in the G5 (to one that supports OpenGL Drawing) would help that dated processors perform a bit better. On the laptop...well, it's time for an upgrade.

Oh, the new "show me the brush shape like it really is" feature only works with good video cards too. It's much nicer than the old dotted circle that leaves us in the dark as to what the brush is really like.

Hope this helps a bit until someone more knowledgeable steps in.



On Sep 30, 2008, at 1:32 PM, ryberg wrote:

I know that a fast graphics card is necessary for gaming images, but is it necessary for Photoshop? I'm trying to find the sweet spot pricewise amoung processor, ram and graphic card. Thanks. Charles Portland OR.