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Re: Tricolor gum, order of layers

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  • From: Loris Medici <mail@loris.medici.name>
  • Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 23:30:36 +0300 (EEST)
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Thanks Diana,

I thought the same, therefore I worked to share the intermediate steps
waiting/letting the more experienced gummist comment on the progress... I
think one can learn much -> most of the theory is there (in the messages
or the websites) but there's nothing like to see someone working from
scratch to the final result...

I have plans to build a site in Turkish including videos of how to make
gum (from tears or powder), how to coat (which is a very important
parameter in gum -> I hadn't an idea about it until I saw Keith coating
gum in Istanbul) ect. I wish I had time, e.g. no need to work in a full
time job to earn living -> I could do much more...



Thanks for posting these, Loris. I think they're really helpful. I've been
printing gum here for some months now, and also stayed up until 2 am the
other night(!) doing the same-- but looking at these has been very useful.
I think that's one of the issues all the "how to" books often miss
(although a few very useful websites do include)-- examples of what some
of these processes might look like at certain stages. When you're trying
this at home, alone-- in the middle of the night-- that sort of reference
could be really useful. I've often thought the "how to" books would be
much more helpful if they showed images "in progress" like this, as well
as what might be perceived as mistakes. To show only the perfect finished
image is very nice and and awe-inspiring, for sure, but not always that
useful. I know Jill Enfield does include examples like this in her alt
process book, I believe-- including "mistakes," which I find generous and
really helpful, though I don't think she has a gum chapter. Anyway,