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Re: off topic--advice on pc graphics card

Don't know if this is the same problem, but I have a MacBook (laptop) and an IMac (desktop), and any images I make or receive on this Macbook laptop screen look awful-- while on the desktop, the same images look very different, and always much richer and certainly more like the real thing. Seems to be an inherent problem with Mac laptop screens, from what I can tell. We have another laptop here (not Apple), and images look perfectly fine on that screen. I've never used anything but Apple computers, and I've always had this problem with their screens (only the laptop).

On Oct 1, 2008, at 12:29 PM, Judy Seigel wrote:

Speaking of upgrades and laptops, et al --- I mention for what it's worth:

My son e-mailed photos of his (exquisitely enchanting) offspring to both his father and me... We're still living together actually, in fact on speaking terms, but I was working in system 9 (Pagemaker) at the time & for several days didn't get to system -- what is it? Elephant? Giraffe? whatever, the one where my (TRULY EVIL) Mac Mail program can take attachments (when it feels so inclined).

Which is to say, I saw the pictures on Mort's 2-yr old laptop before, a few days ago, I saw them on my ancient -- ANCIENT, at 10+ years -- View Sonic monitor (the one that cost $1000 & the size of a refrigerator, though it was the "professional" model that cost extra).

Surprisingly (to me) the photos looked VERY much better on my monitor than on his laptop -- richer, deeper, mellower, more real, more lifelike. Those who have seen the two sets agree -- while everyone I mentioned this to was also surprised. (My monitor hasn't been "calibrated" in 4 years. Maybe that's the trick?)

I'd been tempted to get one of the new flat monitors because this one is so humongous, but now think I'll hold off for a while.


On Tue, 30 Sep 2008, Dan Burkholder wrote:

.... My "old" (5 years) G5 and G4 Powerbook couldn't do the fun stuff. Of course, a card upgrade in the G5 (to one that supports OpenGL Drawing) would help that dated processors perform a bit better. On the laptop...well, it's time for an upgrade.

Oh, the new "show me the brush shape like it really is" feature only works with good video cards too. It's much nicer than the old dotted circle that leaves us in the dark as to what the brush is really like.