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Re: Gum: earasing a whole layer

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Yes, I keep brushing and brushing - especially in the darkest part of the
image, they don't come off easily...

I used the same - soft, watercolor wash - brush I use for smoothing the
coating. Some dabbing is needed in the shadows (they're stubborn). If the
underlying coatings had enough exposure + were developed to completion,
they won't come off -> but you can loose some delicacy.

I think other (more experienced) people may add many tips about erasing
layers since I have only removed one layer up now. I don't want to (and
hope I will not have to) resort to that type of manipulation again, it's
too stressful...


1 Ekim 2008, Çarşamba, 3:19 am tarihinde, Dave S yazmış:
>> I fully erased the misregistered cyan layer (using brutal
>> force) and printed it again....
> Hi Loris,
> I have read about it but have never done it. How do you erase a whole
> layer?
> You keep brushing and brushing and brushing? And do you use a soft brush
> or a
> harder, bristle brush?