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Re: Quadtone RIP vs. Custom Curve


I think the short answer is yes, QTR is worth pursuing; it's inexpensive, easy to begin with, and accessible if you decide to get more involved than simply using the print profiles supplied by others. There is also a large and helpful Yahoo community that is an exceptional resource.

Don't know about that sleeping dog, though...

Bill Kennedy
K2 Press
Austin, Texas

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Subject: Quadtone RIP vs. Custom Curve

Hi All, 
I was looking into the Quadtone RIP program a couple months ago and am wondering if it's worth pursuing. I've got a process compensation curve that's working very well, so I'm tempted to let sleeping dogs lie. Another part of me is wondering how much better our prints could be and if the potential quality improvement is worth it. 
Any insight from anyone who has tried both? 
Thanks in advance, 
-- Jon Lybrook 
Intaglio Editions