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Re: Second tricolor print (repro)

I've made a much much better (but still flawed) reproduction. The old one
looks terrible now!

See it below:

(The bricks are still too orange, they're more redder actually. And the
leaves are real too cyan, they're true dark leaf color. Plus, the upper
left side still shines. But that was all I could do - fiddled with
settings for at least a half hour...)

BTW, thanks all for encouraging comments (despite the awful repro).


P.S. Making tricolor gums reminded me how nice was to make color photos.
I'm not working with color since 2002 -> eventually it seems that I missed
color photography a lot! I see for myself a long future of exclusive color
photography + tricolor gum printing...

9 Ekim 2008, Perşembe, 2:17 am tarihinde, Loris Medici yazmış:
> Hi all,
> I finished my second tricolor gum print tonight. See below:
> Image -> http://tinyurl.com/4t74l4
> Detail -> http://tinyurl.com/4bsh45
> Same printing procedure (negative making, pigments, dichromate ratio,
> exposure, development and whatnot...) as the first one.
> a) There's no pointillistic effect on this one -> which concludes that the
> pointillism of the first one can be attributed to erasing - harshly - the
> badly registered cyan layer and then reprinting it. Probably the
> pointillism was caused by the unregistered cyan pigment stain / leftovers.
> (Do you buy that?)
> b) The non oiled paper negatives work perfectly -> sharp image with good
> tonality. The actual size of the label is 6.5mm on print (see detail) and
> you can read each and every letter / number on that label.
> c) This is a digital camera reproduction since the actual image size won't
> allow me to scan it (9.5x12"). I couldn't set the custom white balance for
> that shot (due the peculiar lightsource) + there's a reflection on the
> upper left corner (print wasn't absolutely flat), so it's an approximation
> of the real print. The actual print is colder (bricks are redder, not as
> orange as depicted + highlights are less yellow). Will try to find an A3
> scanner later, in order to scan it properly.
> The image itself isn't much special; I just took it because it was a
> colorful scene with lots of texture (thinking "ah, that could do well for
> a tricolor gum practice")...
> I guess I'm close - to ultimate success(!) (read as, to be satisfied with
> what I get). I need to rework the curve, I think I can get better shadow
> detail -> this one's a little weak. I would be grateful if you share your
> thoughts.
> Regards,
> Loris.