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Re: Paper negatives

This looks good, Laura. Yeah, you'd need a much longer exposure to expose the lighter values with the unoiled negative. I haven't ever found the oiling to be too big of a deal.

It could be dichromate stain, or it could be a light pigment stain, depending on the pigment, or a combination. The easy way to tell is to soak it briefly in 5% potassium metabisulfte or sodium bisulfite (followed by rinsing in water) if it's dichromate stain it will come right out.

But if you like the warm cast as an image element, you can just leave it alone.

This is really very nice, I like it.

On Oct 11, 2008, at 7:51 PM, Laura Valentino wrote:

I never got a clear answer about whether it is possible to use the Epson photo quality inkjet paper as a negative un-oiled, so I did a little test :)


The first image was made with an oiled negative (baby oil, because I happened to have some) and the second image was done without oil and double the exposure time. (I tried it first with the same exposure time, but everything washed off. I find it strange that only the black areas came out in the second image and nothing else. I suppose I could've tried an even longer exposure, but I didn't find the oiling process to be that difficult and less messy than I had thought, so I decided I'd just go with the oiled neg for that type of paper. Maybe there's another paper that works well with Epson printers that is more transparent and doesn't require oiling.

Btw, can someone tell me if that yellowish color (compared to the white of the paper around the edges) is dichromate stain? I'm just curious, I don't really find it that unattractive.

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