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Re: Paper negatives- Ink Selection

I use the grayscale using all inks (not black and gray - if present - inks
only), plus, I choose plain paper as the media. Fortunately, with my inks
the printer lays just enough ink giving an almost perfect negative in
terms of density range (something around log 1.0), and the curve I use for
gum prints are is the least drastic and most smooth one among my curves
collection for many processes and paper. In fact, I think that's why other
people's exposure times are considerably longer compared to mines...(!?
Any other idea?)

Hope this helps,

12 Ekim 2008, Pazar, 9:02 pm tarihinde, Bruce Campbell yazmış:
> Alt Photo users of Paper Negs
> When you are printing your paper negatives, are you using the "all ink"
> setting or just the "black ink" setting?  Also, are you printing using
> "Matte" black ink or "PK" black  ink? Would there be any diffeneces?
> Thanks
> Bruce