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Update: 2008 bi-yealry Texas Alt Process Gathering

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  • Subject: Update: 2008 bi-yealry Texas Alt Process Gathering
  • From: Matthew Magruder <me@scootermagruder.com>
  • Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2008 15:18:52 -0500
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Just a bit of an update for those interested in attending the get together on the 25th. 

Scott Schroeder will be generously demoing the wetplate collodion process for us. Which I'm very grateful to him for doing. - Ill bring a fresh bottle of collodion and all my glass/chems/supplies to help replenish. If possible I'll pour some as well and demo some. 

There are a few people planning on getting together on friday to shoot at locations nearby. I know I'll definitely be out shooting some. 
Threads on APUG and Largeformatphotography.info have some information...

Everything seems to be coming together. There is a local BBQ joint about 2 mins from the house thats gonna provide us with food to devour. Please bring a couple bucks to donate for the food fund ($10 a person maybe?). Also, reminder to bring any beverages you'll wanna consume (cerveza, vino, etc etc). I know I'll be enjoying a few Lone Stars.

Also, I got bored on friday night and made some Tshirt designs and put them on Cafepress. No profit on my end... just thought people would enjoy them. 

For those of you not familiar with Texas history, the "Come and Take a Photo" Tshirt is in reference/spoof to the flag from the Battle of Gonzales.

Hope to see some of you in a few weeks. 

Matthew Magruder
fine art photography
c: 512.565.6691