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Re: was scrapey gum printing, now Soho Show

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  • From: Judy Seigel <jseigel@panix.com>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2008 22:07:27 -0400 (EDT)
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Thanks Chris... as we say on the farm, the good lord willing & if the crick don't rise... I'll get to this one.... ooops, Nov. 6 ? Writing it into my calendar I see there's an, um, whadya call it, "electshun" two days previous. If I don't make it, I'll be attending funerals... (I try to be a good sport that way.... even for suicides.)

But apropos of something really crucial -- the color of frames -- I remember, some 30 years ago when there was -- either a Betty Hahn show, or could have been a Bea Nettles show, downtown. Both were pioneers in alt, and at this distance, I can't swear which it was, tho that's largely beside the point... The point being my delight that at last, NYC, the absolutely last stop for the new "alt," was finally getting some. But when I got into the gallery, all I could SEE was a row of identical dead black frames, in a row along the wall.

I really really tried, but that presentation killed the work, needless to say, a genormous frustration. Much better IMO to have just stuck the work on the wall with masking tape. I realize there are liability problems, et al... but for looking pleasure, at times even without glass can be better as well (no distracting/random reflections).


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