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Re: Frame color for cyanotype


I agree—black frames are way too stark for me.  I haven't used one in years.

I like three types of frames:

1.  For general purpose, the Clark #320031-it is a platinum colored, brushed aluminum frame with a warm patina.

2.  A fairly plain mahogany, cherry or walnut frame that is deeper than it is wide-or a fancier version with some beading or design.

3.  Same as #2 above but in a platinum color with a warm or brown patina.  This is my favorite for a classy look.

I like my mattes cut with 1/2 " or 3/4" border so the signature shows on the print.  I like my mattes bottom weighted.  I like a fairly good size matte so there is a nice amount of space around the image.  I like the matte the same color as the paper used for the print.

I use these for platinum prints and for inkjet prints.

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Whenever I see a photograph framed in black, I honestly cannot take my eyes off that  black frame-- no matter how nice it may be-- it just takes my eye away from the print.   Well,  that's my 2 cents. :)  
Agreed--the eye goes to the area of greatest contrast immediately, so as long as mats are white and frames are black, there you have it.