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frame color for cyanotype

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Like Katharine, I use Nielsen frames from American Frame.  For most of my work (including cyanotype), I use the aluminum frame labeled "Pewter."  This is quite different from the "German Silver" used by Katharine and Diana.  (It looks more like pewter to me.)  For a few cyanotypes, I have used "Frosted Silver" frames.  This color is not appropriate (in my opinion) for a general all purpose frame but works well for some images.  For toned cyanotypes, I often use a "Graphite" frame.  

I have never used wooden frames.  Most of my work is small (4x5, 5x7, rarely larger than 8x10) and I've felt that wooden frames would be overpowering.  I probably should rethink this and give it a try sometime.

I agree with the comments about black frames.  I was in an exhibit last year which required black frames, and I felt that the black completely changed the mood of my pictures.