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Re: Paper negatives- Ink Selection

Exposure time does not depend on the printer, ink or color of the negative—it merely depends on the substrate you are printing on—providing all other variables are equal.

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Mark Nelson

On Oct 14, 2008, at 9:04:16 PM, "Katharine Thayer" <kthayer@pacifier.com> wrote:
That's interesting, Guido, thanks.

What's puzzling to me, in light of your observations,  is that when I  
switched from greyscale negatives (printed with color inks) to color  
negatives, using Michael Koch-Schulte's NLP array to determine the  
color, it didn't change my exposure times for gum at all.  But, now  
that I think of it, I made that change fairly close in time to a  
change in printers, from the Stylus Photo EX to  the Epson 1280, so  
it would be impossible to draw any valid conclusions about the two  
kinds of negative, because they weren't made on the same printer or  
even on the same media (my greyscale negatives were oiled paper  
negatives, but my colorized negatives are all on transparency film).

But one thing I've noticed is that with the colorized negatives, I go  
through color cartridges like nobody's business.  Although, again,  
it's a different printer, and maybe this printer would also eat  
cartridges with greyscale, even though the old one didn't.  Too many  
variables.  But anyway,
thanks again.