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Did y'all get this notice today??? Another one bites the dust...


Tim Anderson the owner and publisher of CameraArts filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy on May 16, 2008.

Be advised the current bankruptcy law may control any debt owed by Mr. Anderson.

If you would like to contact Mr. Anderson his phone number is 1-505-888-8937.

If you would like to contact his bankruptcy attorney please call Chris Pierce at 505-881-3191.

Apparently Mr. Anderson did not notify the CameraArts subscribers of this event. As the re-creator of CameraArts in 1998, I sold it to Anderson in December 2004. I apologize for this.

I am operating CameraArts as an online publication at www.cameraarts.com and will allow free access to the site and its contents through 2008 as a way to restore the good name of CameraArts.

Check out our other website, photographingthewest.us!


Steve Simmons


Christina Z. Anderson