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Re: Gum calibration (was: Paper negatives- Ink Selection)


Don't count on the NUARC being faster!  I find they are slower than using lightboxes with with tubes.

Geez Keith—I thought that it was the neighbor's dog making all that noise outside my door!  He is especially noisy when he hears a siren... he starts howling in response—he and the fire engines can carry on quite a conversation!

On Oct 17, 2008, at 9:50:14 AM, "Keith Gerling" <keith.gerling@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Loris,

I'm using an Epson 7600. I would like to try printing colorized
negatives, but have never gone there because it has never printed
yellow. (this printer was given to me in this condition) The head must
be totally clogged as I've tried everything to no avail. (If anyone
has any suggestions, I'd appreciate hearing them.) In any event, I'm
using a non-Epson ink and only using ink from the black cartridges.
The paper setting that I use is one that is intended to print on Tyvek
- for banners and the like. I was looking for the least amount of
ink, and I figured that this setting - as Tyvek is nonabsorbant -
might do the trick. To be honest with you I never really did much
testing of the paper profiles. The 7600 driver has many and I was a
bit overwhelmed. Which setting do you use?

Curves. Yes, I should be testing curves. There's no excuse. With
Mark's proximity I COULD sit outside of his door and hound him with
questions whenever he comes up from the basement (which I'm assuming
is now seldom due to his new press?). The step tablet results I get
on masa with a no-curve output is very acceptable with oiled negs (not
so much with non-oiled) but I never looked at the curving/PDN process
as a means of reducing printing time. Maybe I should.

I appreciate the advice. I'm very excited that in two weeks I will be
picking up a NuArc light source from a fellow list-member. I'm hoping
it will be faster! Perhaps I will use this new light as an
opportunity to do things correctly? I'd be very interested in seeing
a snapshot of one of your un-oiled negs, if that would be possible.
Just something that give me an idea of your range of tones.

As for the personal lubricant suggestion, I'll let someone else take a
crack at that.