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FINAL UPDATE: 2008 bi-yealry Texas Alt Process Gathering

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  • Subject: FINAL UPDATE: 2008 bi-yealry Texas Alt Process Gathering
  • From: matt magruder <me@scootermagruder.com>
  • Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 09:36:56 -0500
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Just a bit of an update for all those coming to the shindig. 

A local Austin wet plate shooter, Mark Hall, has generously offered to loan me his portable wet plate dark box so, Scott Schroeder and myself will both have portable darkboxes/rooms to demo Wet Plate on Sat morning. Scott has to leave around 1pm so we will more than likely be setting up and pouring some from 11am +/- til 1pm-ish. 
I will be there at the house all morning, prepping for people showing up, setting up the wet plate stuff, etc. 
So if people who'd like to see the collodion process can show up around 11:30am +/- I think we'll be geared up and ready pour. 

The BBQ/food will be getting picked up around 130pm, so food will be ready there around 2pm-ish. 
I've estimated around 25 people. 
If possible can people reply to this post so that I can get an idea on numbers of people definitely planning on coming.

Remember to bring...
- any beverages you might like to consume (theres a couple convenience stores on the way to the house)
- a lawn chair if you can manage it
- $10 for the food funding
- prints (any and ALL types - GASP - even digital prints if you'd like) to share
- and most importantly, bright and shining self, ready to enjoy some good company, good conversation, good BBQ, and perhaps some adult beverages. 

In case people get lost and need someone to direct them to the house I can be reached at my cell phone (512 565 6691) or if that doesnt work the house land line (830 935 2797)

Again heres some info on directions and such: 

Hope to see everyone in a few days.

Matthew Magruder
512 565 6691
Texas Church Project