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Re: Weston Diploma Parchment

I think the yellow color is merely the unused ferric oxalate clearing from the paper fibers. That is really weird about the grease affecting the print in the way you describe. One more reason to not take your BLT into the darkroom when printing.

On Oct 22, 2008, at 6:46 AM, Jon Reid wrote:

Hi all,

Just following on from this mornings post.
Here are a few pics of my clearing baths showing how yellow the first bath became. I'm sure the clearing bath was reducing somewhat the 'warmth' of the paper. Only two 5x7 prints had been in this bath when the pics were taken. It is Kodak Hypo-Clear. Others have complained about its wet strength, which I found to be ok. What really surprised me was how easily/readily it absorbed grease from my fingers hands. The act of tearing up a 11x14 sheet into smaller pieces has left that large palm-print on the paper which you can see as the really yellow bit. This then clears and takes the image with it! Obviously if I was printing anything other than tests I'd use full sheets and not handle any part related to the image but I've never had that issue with Arches Platine.