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RE: Kim Sookang

perhaps the best illustration of what I was saying : brush and sprayer bottle are you friends.
I have hard time letting go of the perfect coatings and being messy again. Perhaps I can post some pics in a few weeks.

> And here, at the risk of being kicked off the team, I'll add that I can't
> help wondering if the precision methods for getting "correct" color in gum
> under discussion here lately were the curriculum in a class like that,
> would Sookang and other students have been so freely creative? I mean if
> the goal is "correct" literal, realistic, photographic scale, detail,
> separation, color, etc., why mess with poison? Inkjet prints on a
> slightly textured paper could do that perfectly --and are often stunning.
> peace,
> Judy
> > "...Sookang’s creative process involves laying multiple coats of
> > pigment onto photographic paper using a single monochrome negative. The
> > artist then carefully brushes the color, thinning it out in certain places
> > and removing it completely from others, thus creating fine texture and
> > accentuating shades. The accumulation of translucent layers gives
> > “body” to each print; with each subsequent layer the images
> > come into being. Each exposure mediates, as it were, an additional trace
> > of the subject..."

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