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Re: Kim Sookang

Thanks 1 million times, Jeremy -- it worked (I thought I'd dialed back on that address the first time, tho apparently not enough). My impression finally is that, luscious as the process obviously is, what makes the work so stunning is the "vision," or to coin a phrase, "the audacity" of "nothing" -- a used tea bag, a postage stamp, "Chinese Food Boxes" et al., in bare space, looking exquisite. (Sookang had that eye at the outset. One of her first gums was a roll of toilet paper.)

Many thanks meanwhile and of course to (was it Diana???!!!) for the connection. Thank you !



On Tue, 28 Oct 2008, Jeremy Moore wrote:

Judy, just go to http://www.gallery339.com/  Then choose artists from
the upper right and then Sookang Kim from the list. The link didn't
work for me either.