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Re: gum prints on Yupo

Having only noticed the yupo threads in passing, I now find myself with access to a fair amount of it, mostly in 23x35 sheets of 8mil natural, does anybody have a resource with regard to sizing, etc.all in one place, or am I doomed to use Thunderbird's horrid search function?


Rene Hales wrote:
Marek, the flowers in vases are stunning. --Rene

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Thanks for point out this link (or was it Loris in the original
post). I never made it that far and it made for a very interesting
One thing that Bruce MacEvoy mentions is yupo for one of the
experiments and explains why watercolors look very luminous on
that substrate. It totally agrees with my observations and has
reignited my desire to experiment some more with yupo. I have some
nice prints and they just glow. Main problem with it is that gum
does not stick to it and it seems to be unpredictable in the way
it peels off and flakes. Sometimes patches will come off,
sometimes just spots.
Here are some prints

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