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Lately on this list, you miss two days and you've missed an encyclopedia.

But, for what it's worth I mention my experience coating cyano ... The best brush of various I tried, also the cheapest, also easiest to clean, was /is the foam brush they sell in your neighborhood hardware store -- or they did. Haven't looked for one lately, since I laid in about 10, including spares and sizes from 2 to 3 to 4 inches wide.

They're much cheaper (used to be about 50 cents each, now I suppose a dollar) than a decent Hake, and don't shed hairs, which even a good hake can do, are much easier to wash, hold plenty of emulsion & spread it evenly ... Just BE SURE TO GET THE KIND WITH THE BROWN WOODEN HANDLE, not the red plastic handle. That kind has a thinner pad, that is, the foam is not only thinner, it's also much stiffer, so it doesn't spread easily -- and is generally LOUSY.

That of course was what I found in the States... Years ago these soft black foam brushes, when/if available "overseas," cost a fortune... tho I dunno, maybe now they all come from China ?!?