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I'm a Canadian in Paris studying photography and if I can help you let me know.  I've seen the Sarah Moon exhibition and it was quite good, but very commercial.  A friend of mine is having her first solo exhibition in Paris at Galerie Daguerre, you can visit her site here for more information.  She is also in the Polaroid exhibition at Galerie Chambre avec vues.  She only works with alternative processes.  Paris Photo opening is the 12th november and I have heard that Masao Yamamoto will be offering up a performance/installation of his work on the spot.  That could be great to see.  Contact me if you'd like any other info!
Colleen Leonard
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Subject: Mois de la Photo in Paris

We are going to Paris to visit Mois de la Photo, Mois Off and Paris Photo.
We will arrive on the 12th November and stay until the 19th.

Does anyone know if there will be altphoto exhibitions etc there during this period?
Someone from the list attending? A chat over a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of wine/beer somewhere?

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