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I like how you have organized the images so readily accessible in a "film strip" type effect.  I have a few favorites--the blank billboard in 288, some of your closeup minimal shots of barbed wire or fence lock, , the blank sidewalk with nice light in Walks with Maia, those types of things.  I prefer the toy cameras and such as the dock on that page.  The vacancy of your work is very contemporary and I see it also present in your Japan series.  Having been there, I don't think I took hardly any pix without people being stuffed to the brim everywhere (except on New Year's Day or whatever the holiday was when Ginza was completely vacant). 
Is Eggleston one of your influences? I see that in the shot of the road with the puddle.
You do have some very evocative dog shots but I would whittle them down to the best ones. In the Walks with Maia series (of which I love the concept) less dog and more environment so that it almost seems as if it's the dog taking the pix, which would fit with your artist statement.  For instance, the pic of your body holding the leash fits well in that series.  A position of dog owner power that a dog might look at. 
Wouldn't it be fascinating to actually have a little camera in the brain of a dog to see what they think?  Like, wow, that's a great tree to use to mark my territory or whatnot. 
BTW I like that you have the artist statements very succinct and that you actually have them.
Where are your gum prints?  Or alt page? I know you got 'em.
Christina Z. Anderson
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Hello all,

I've updated my website with a new look (to match the blog better) and 2 new galleries. You can see it here:


and if you haven't seen the blog in a while (or ever!) it can be found here:


Suggestions always appreciated (especially if you see a typo!).