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RE: gum prints on gessoed aluminum

What a beautiful image (gessotest6)! I like the tone and grain, but I am a
big fan of grain.--Rene

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 I'm flailing around trying different combinations.  I tried this
heavily-pigmented gum on gessoed plywood.  After an hour in water, the
highlights were finally starting to flake off.  Nothing would clear in the
traditional sense, although there was no stain and the emulsion was quite
fragile.  I sprayed it with reckless abandon and I got this


up close it is pretty clumsy, but viewed across the room it takes form like
an impressionist painting.  If you squint at it, it almost looks sharp.

Amazing thing, gum!  Even failures can be nice.

2008/11/3 Keith Gerling <keith.gerling@gmail.com>:
> I made these prints today.
> http://www.gumphoto.com/gessotest4.jpg
> http://www.gumphoto.com/gessotest5.jpg
> 1) 1 coat plain Art Boards gesso
> 2) 1 coat 1 to 1 Art Boards gesso and ground pumice (thinned with 
> water)
> 3) sized with glut-hardened gelatin
> 4) two coats of gum (I'm shooting for 1 coat, but I'm way out of practice)
> the graininess is in the negative - shot at very high ISO and the 
> negative is un-oiled paper